Monday, May 16, 2011


  Now a days technology has been increased rapidly for example we can take Mobile Phone.Many peoples are using Internet on their mobile phone instead of PC due to the busy time.Since many busy peoples doesn't know to use shortcut keys in their mobile.Are you one of them!?
  • o:A  Will help you to go Start Page on your Browser.
  • o:B  Opens a Page which contains menu items.
  • o:C  As like command o:b but it opens a Options in Tools menu.
  • o:X  Opens the about page.
  • o:Y  It may help you if you want to bookmark a particular page.
  • o:Z   If you bookmarked any web-pages this command will help to show them.
  • opera:config  IF you want to Change your User Settings,may use this command.
  • server:source   Shows the source code of the page you opened.
  • server:refresh   It just refreshes the current page you opened.
You should enter those commends only in the address bar and press OK.For example if you are going to enter address like .These commands are for Opera Mini mobile browsers but not all except Opera Mini 4 version.



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