Monday, July 31, 2017

Best Hacking Lab Manual Guide and tools Collection Tutorial

Monday, July 24, 2017

[Secure Yourself]Google search, Gmail and Google Chrome best replacement

Hi, mates!

So, I’ve been searching replacement for Google search, Chrome, and Gmail. As a hacker, I’m concerned about my privacy and I’m really tired of all the ads and tracking by Google. As you may know, Google collects and analyzes a lot of data about us. So, it is very easy to find a replacement for Google search and Chrome.

The alternative of Google search (and Bing/Yahoo):



Both of them do not show ads nor do they collect user data.

Alternatives to Chrome:

      Mozilla Firefox (You can customize the data collected by Firefox)

      Tor Browser (no introduction needed)

But for Gmail alternatives, I had to work hard to find them. So the alternatives I found are, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Mailfence
2. ProtonMail
3. Tutanota
5. Kolab Now
6. Countermail

So, why is Protonmail good for hackers and other people who are concerned about their privacy?

Swiss PrivacyEnd-to-End EncryptionAnonymous EmailAND, ProtonMail hosts its servers in Switzerland, so all user data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws.

You can also send an email to people who are using Gmail, Hotmail etc. More information can be found here:

Note: It is free, but you can also upgrade to premium to support the developers.

If you need a very high level of privacy in your email, all the above services have good reputations when it comes to protecting your data. Part of the reason they’re so great is that even if governments did want to snoop on you for whatever reason, and the companies did have to hand over information, it would be virtually impossible to break through their encryption systems.
If you know more about this. Please do share in the comments!


Sunday, May 7, 2017

How to make intro video for your movies or youtube channel or TV program

Lets discuss about making best introduction video for our movies or serial or short film or you tube channels. Nowadays lots of ready made template are available for making introduction video to our film or channels.

However, if we wanna make introduction video, we dont need any technical skills. But we must have knowledge about operating computer like typing text and choosing effects to our video.

we gonna share two important website link which would  help us to make intro video at free of cost.

once video is download from that site , we need to just edit the text in that video by using any one of the video editing software (after effects, sony vegas, cinema 4D etc., )

Panzoid is best photo and video editing software tool which we can do it online without installing any software.

Tools screen

Sunday, March 5, 2017

How to increase internet speed : Domain Name Speed Benchmark

There is a way to increase our internet speed by using the tool called Domain Name Speed Benchmark. This tool helps us to Maximize our internet speed from normal to higher.

Link to download this tool for windows : Click here

Domain Name Speed Benchmark tool to increase your speed of our internet as maximum 

Steps : 1 Download the file from the link : Click here

Step : 2  Run the download exe file DNSBench

Note:Education Purpose

Step 3: Click on Nameservers tab and  hit on Run Benchmark button.....choose shortest timed DNS

Note: Remove dead dns , slower dns and redirected DNS by right click on result area.

Choose best short DNS address and update in ur router or computer in static way

Sunday, February 5, 2017

CEH | Footprinting and Reconnaissance Tools and Tutorial | Open Source Hacking

In the this page , you can learn and execute various types tools which are used in CEH (Certified Ethical Hackers)

Footprinting and Reconnaissance Tools 

Footprinting and Reconnaissance is nothing but collecting data about target or gathering information about the target(whom/which you gonna do attack).The data could be collected either directly directly or indirectly but you should not leave any evidence which will make you trouble. Also, Footprinting and Reconnaissance are the very first step carried out by hackers. Its very important to document each data before execute your attacks against the target.This is classified into two types 

1. PASSIVE TYPE : Indirectly Collecting data about target
Directly Collecting data about target

PASSIVE TYPE : Indirectly Collecting data about target

As you all know about what  is meant by passive type of Reconnaissance / footprinting ,  hope there is no need of explanation on it. Lets directly discuss about methods or tools using in this type by hackers.

Search Engines : Google , Yahoo, Bing, AOL etc.,

Social Media : Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn, Facebook, Message Boards

Websites : Discussion Forum, FAQ, Job sites, e-Paper, linked data like excel sheet, pdf download from various upload

Domain Name System :, ip address tracing , web and email phishing.

Vulnerabilities data published in newspapers , in personal website ,archived website ,any online showing portal like Amazon, eBay , Alibaba , hotels feedback or security gate entry registration points or volunteering social activities.

Note : Education Purpose/Try it your own risk

Google: Use Advance Search,
The harvester: Kali Linux Tool 
 Netcraft: and type the domain name to get
webserver related information.
Nslookup: To get host node related information.
Dig: another useful DNS lookup tool used in Linux machine.
MetaGoofil:Meta data means data about data.MS word,some additional
information are added to this doc file such as file size,date of creation,username
Threatagent drone 

Scanning Tools:



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